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This is an online TV channel broadcast from Egypt. You can watch online this channel on all platforms.
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Watch AlGhad TV live from Egypt

Public on October 23, 2015, and last updated 9 months ago.
"Al-Ghad" is the first Arab news channel that starts in Cairo, and provides the viewer and browser with a news service that depends on accuracy and objectivity.

Due to differences in connectivity, there may be times where the live feed or live score does not update quickly; please refresh the page if you experience any issues.

This webcast is delayed slightly from the televised broadcast, up to approximately 60 seconds, depending upon your internet connection speed and computer configuration. Please keep this in mind when calling in with requests.

We will always try to updating this tv channel so that you can watch comfortably. We re-publish content from the third-party television stations, sometimes susceptible to interference from television broadcast sources that we take to be embedded in this page.

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AlGhad TV
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As with the screen, the site "Al-Ghad", the channel’s interface on the Internet, provides the news service for surfers with accurate and more extensive content, out of respect for the viewer's mind searching for the truth away from sectarian, sectarian, and regional incitement.

"Al-Ghad" seeks through its air and electronic broadcasts to be a platform for free, open, enlightened and contemporary thought, compatible with the intellectual and cultural development of the Arab person, and uses technology to transmit news and programmatic content that respects the mind and keeps pace with the times.

Despite the channel’s modernity, it succeeded in providing distinguished content and comprehensive coverage of news through a network of reporters in various hot spots in the region and the world, and it succeeded in occupying a prominent position on the Arab media scene through its rapid, direct and objective coverage of successive events, and highlighted Various political, economic, cultural, artistic, sports and social events of interest to the Arab viewer, and sought to attract an elite of professional media professionals who are able to provide meaningful, distinguished and neutral content for the viewer and reader alike.

Al-Ghad was the first in a number of media meetings with prominent personalities on the international and regional arenas, in an effort to adhere to its slogan “the image in all dimensions”.

In the context of its performance of its enlightening mission, “Al-Ghad” presented a set of modern intellectual programs that examine the roots of Arab crises, especially those related to religious thought and its development throughout the ages and how it aligns it to the era away from extremism and extremism, in an effort to address the viewer with the language of reason, and also presented an exclusive and distinct series From documentaries that uncovered unknown aspects of some Arab and international issues.

"Tomorrow" has been keen on adopting the latest mechanisms in the field of modern media, in order to be a media platform, keeping pace with an era in which it is difficult to hide the facts from the follower, so I committed to professionalism and impartiality in monitoring, following up and covering them, and stuck to respecting the viewer's mind by presenting the truth alone away About directed agendas.


The human being has always been the target of the media and the press, so the "Tomorrow" channel has taken upon itself the task of building a free and conscious person by providing professional and impartial content so that the individual is able to see "the image in all its dimensions", and to be active and involved in building his homeland through His knowledge and knowledge of the surrounding developments, and the channel was keen to provide a number of enlightening and intellectual programs that seek to re-establish the mind in files that were previously forbidden merely to think about them, and to establish a cultural awareness more tolerant and accepting of the other.


- Addressing issues of religious extremism, and spreading enlightenment thought, especially among the younger generation.

To foster a culture of dialogue and tolerance in societies.

- A careful follow-up to the concerns and aspirations of the Arab person, which many parties are trying to suppress, under the cloak of social and political backwardness.

Translate the role of the committed media in bringing about the desired change in the social, cultural, and intellectual levels.

Providing objective treatment of Arab issues in a distinct and different way from other satellite channels.

Encouraging the youth production sector to produce documentary and documentary films and programs that address the concerns of youth.


Follow the highest professional standards and attract the best talents.

Devoting culture, enlightenment, and realizing the mind.

- Using modern technology to keep pace with the times and to deliver certainty news to the viewer as soon as possible.

- Broadcasting programs that address sensitive issues without fanaticism, and providing an opportunity for differences based on respecting others.

Editorial standards:

Al-Ghad adheres to professional standards that respect the mind of the Arab viewer, and it requires truth and credibility in its handling of the news and issues discussed, including:

  • Precision
  • Neutrality
  • Credibility
  • Objectivity
  • The Privacy
  • Transparency
  • integrity
  • The responsibility
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