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Public on October 23, 2015, and last updated 2 years ago.
Get breaking Kazakhstan and world news or catch up with the latest stories, clips, and programs from your favorite shows. The “Kazakstan Karagandy” brings you breaking news coverage and live streaming from Kazakstan Karagandy live will help you stay up to date on the events shaping on around the world.

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Kazakstan Karagandy
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1954 The Central Committee of the CPSU and the USSR Council of Ministers adopted a joint resolution on the construction of 10 broadcasting centers. Karaganda region has also become one of them.

01.03. 1958 K. Kasymzhanov has been appointed as the first chairman of the Regional Broadcasting and Television Committee at the Council of Workers' Deputies in Karagandy Oblast Executive Committee.

March 12, 1958, K. Amanbayev has been appointed as the Deputy Chairman of the Regional Broadcasting and Television Committee and the first director of the Karaganda TV studio at the Council of Labor Deputies of the Karaganda Regional Executive Committee.

31.08.1958. The Karaganda TV station was the first to broadcast a film screening for Miners' Day.

04.10.1958 The announcement was systematically distributed (four times a week - Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday twice - Sunday).

11/10/1958 The first studio report on the conference of writers of Asia and Africa was broadcasted on air.

1958 October The first film from the festive ceremony dedicated to the award of Lenin was awarded to the Karaganda region.

1959 The first satirical TV show "Big Plan" was broadcasted on the air.

1960 The first chronological documentary "The Rozhdeniye Batyr" was created.

1961 The first experimental program was taken from the construction site of the "Karaganda" hotel. On May 1, the first demonstration of the program was launched through the workers' parade.

The first telescopes were presented in the Kazakh language by Gabit Musrepov's novel "Wonderland".

1962. Everyday information programs "Events and People", "News" were created.

1963. The Karaganda TV channel's message was first shown in Almaty.

1964 The first access to the central television. The Karaganda TV channel "The Road to the Nation" was shown in Moscow and Kiev. The television called "The Soviet Union" was awarded three diplomas of the USSR State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company. 

1965. The film "Sea, we are still meeting" received a diploma in Central Asia and Kazakhstan festival of television films. From this year Nikolaev, Popovich, Volkov, Tereshkova, and others. Continuous film screenings were carried out since the landing of cosmonauts. For the first time, a German TV show was shown.

1967. The second All-Union Festival of Television Films featured two essays "Boltur Turmaganbetov" and "Records Modernist".

1968. About the life and work of composer Tattimbet, the first color TV movie "The Voice of the Century" was created. The first program of the Central Television was adopted by the "Vostok" system.

1969. In the Leningrad Film Festival among the All-Union Television Films, the picture "Leningrad-Karaganda" received a special prize for the excellent opening of the theme "Friendship of Nations".

1972 The victory of the Karaganda TV program "Rodniki" in the Central Television Program.

1975 Television programs of the Kazakh and Central Television were adopted by the Orbita system. At the sixth republican festival of youth program "Zholdas" the first place and a prize were awarded to the TV channel "Victor Butchkovsky".

1976 The first recorded video was first recorded on the VCR. The television and radio center was awarded the Certificate of Honor of the USSR State Television. Karaganda hosted the seventh republican festival "Zholdas".

1977. In Gorky, the All-Union Festival of Youth Programs hosted the first place and the winner of the TV show "The Family and the Good Luck". The Kazakh film "The man next to the fire" received the diploma of the festival. Television and radio broadcasting team was recognized as the winner of the All-Union Socialist Competition and was awarded a diploma on radio broadcasts and the Red Banner of the USSR State Committee. The "Zholdas" program received the eighth republican festival diploma.

1978. The transmission line "Almaty - Karaganda" was commissioned. At the Seventh All-Union Festival of Television Films in Leningrad, the Best Picture of the Worker's Life won the Best Movie Prize. At the All-Union Film Festival in Sverdlovsk, the film "Mama work" was awarded a special diploma for the festival and a special prize for the best scenario.

1979. The TV and Radio Company has been awarded by the Diploma of the Communist Party of Kazakhstan for its fruitful activity on TV and radio service diplomas in the All-Union socialist competition and the transformation of the Red Banner of the USSR State Committee, as well as television services to the population and the 20th anniversary of the telecentre. "Problems and Characters", "The Beauty of Humanity" won the main prize of the festival "Zholdas".

1980. Television and radio broadcasting team were awarded a special Honorary Diploma for efficient and qualitative work of production in the republican socialist competition, as well as the excellent performance of the tenth five-year plan. The working conditions of the telecentre have received the winning diploma in the All-Union public competition.

1981. At the tenth republican festival "Zholdas" the winner of the "Estafeta" telecast award jury.

1983 Television and radio broadcasting team was awarded the Red Banner of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Kazakhstan and the Kazakh SSR Council of Ministers in the republican socialist race and was recognized as the winner of the 1982 USSR VDNH honorary board.

1984. The first colorful "Okno v period" program was born. The first "Election Law" was shown at the All-Union Youth Program Festival in Chisinau. The television and radio center was awarded the Red Banner of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Kazakhstan and became the winner of the 1983 National Council of Ministers Council of the Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic. The first TV program was broadcasted through the Mobile Lotus Station.

1985. The creative team of regional TV channels prepared the last documentary film "Plamya or cassette" on the basis of the "Kazakhtelefilm" studio.

1986. The Central Television had a video about the song and dance ensemble "Saltanat", which included "Trip to the world of legends". 

1987. The program of the Karaganda TV studio dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the Great October was first in the republican festival. One of the first in our republic was held tele traffic "One of the oldest". In Karaganda, a lump-sum nurse for the elderly has been opened.

1988 At the All-Union "Zhiger" Festival in Almaty, Zhas Kanat (Author and Editor - A.Tojhigitov) and "Terzajut Vechrosy" programs were awarded special diplomas. In the same year, the program "Zhas Kanat", which was prepared by another young miner, was awarded the Prize of the Union of Journalists and Kazakhstan's DOSAAF Central Committee.

1989. A veteran of the war, TV journalist Shamshit Kalmaganbetov and TV operator Vladimir Holodkov were awarded the title "Honored Worker of Culture of the Republic of Kazakhstan". A 7-hour telemark on dedicated to the victims of the Semipalatinsk nuclear test site was held. The first strike of Karaganda miners in August was continuously broadcast live 24 hours a day.

1990. The direct demonstration of the Soviet and Japanese cosmonauts from Japan landed through the Karaganda mobile station. A video film was shot at the Tbilisi air carrier. The film "Let's talk about it now ..." is the future first cosmonaut of the Republic of Kazakhstan T. Aubakirov.

1991 The first flight of the first Kazakh cosmonaut T. Aubakirov in space and the landing near Arkalyk was organized. Since that time Karaganda TV station has been working in the new conditions - the development of independent Kazakhstan.

1993. The first section of the special TV program was prepared from the first congress of the world's Kazakhs. Reports from Karaganda dancers on the art of Holland were presented. A video film was shot at the film festival in Moscow, Russia.

1994 TV show about Karaganda sportsmen, world champions, prize winners of the Olympic Games.

1995   On the occasion of Abay's 150th anniversary there were developed a cycle program.

1996. Telemarathon of Memory of Victims of Political Repression. Alma-Ata received programs with the satellite communication system.

1997 In Milan (Italy) and Paris (France), special TV programs were shot from the Top Fashion Week week.

1998 An Omnia transmitter was delivered and antenna feeder mounted.

1999. Together with the regional charity fund, telemarafone "From heart to heart" was held to support low-income citizens.

2000 The first Presidential New Year tree was held in Karaganda with the participation of the President. K. Doldinova, the editor of the year of culture support, was awarded the Karaganda region's "TV journalist of the year" prize.

2001 The first international film festival of tourists "Shelcovoye-2001" won the title of "For the Love of the Rarity Prayer" by Gulbar Bukharbayeva, the editor of the "Pearl Arch". The telecast "Best Public Practice" dedicated to the 10th anniversary of Kazakhstan's independence won first place in the TV program "Editor's note", "Above the blue horse" and "No Ulytau's". Editor-in-chief A.Zhampeisov's third weekly information and the analytical program won the prize-winning third place.

2002. The film about Orenburg, the first capital of Kazakhstan, became a laureate of the creative competition of journalists of the Karaganda region within the Year of Kazakhstan in Russia. The author is G. Bukharbaeva. The DVCPRO tape recorder has been put into operation for the first digital KTL equipment, assembly tables, shooting and assembly quality.

2003. The film crew went to Orenburg (Russia) to make a documentary film about the famous people of Orenburg and the Kazakhs living there. The KATELCO Reception Station was launched in order to provide hourly information to the entire region through the satellite system.

2004. Interview with President Nursultan Nazarbaev of the Republic of Kazakhstan with the residents of the Summer Theater was carried out through a teleconference. A creative group visited the city to watch TV on the fate of well-known Karaganda people living in Russia and Germany. All of these materials were included in the documentary film about the 70th anniversary of Karaganda. The "Health" program, prepared by Ali Toyzhigitov, became the winner of the republican competition "Opening of the problem of tuberculosis" held in honor of the World Day Against Tuberculosis. The cyclic program of the author and one of the "Year of Rural" was demonstrated at the national teleconference organized by the Kazakhstan TV and Radio Corporation. The message was distributed through the station "Novaya". The new radio relay system was introduced. The three-chamber-apparatus-studio unit (ASC) was launched. News started broadcasting from a small studio. 

2005. A theatrical performance "Kazakhstan is our common home" with the participation of the Head of State was broadcast live.

2006 In the republican contest, announced by the Assembly of the Nations of Kazakhstan, the cyclic TV "Saryarka - Kolbel Druzht" won the second place for the discovery of citizenship, the theme of peace and interethnic accord. The author is S. Vasileva. In the television program, aimed at improving the status of the state language among the regional mass media, the TV show "We are safe from Kazakhstan" won the grand prize under the editorship of M. Abdaliyeva. The teleoperator K. Aliyev won the "Altyn Sukkar" award from the Akim of Karaganda region in the nomination "For Supervisor". The 3 kW receiver has been installed to improve the quality of the transmission. The newest hardware and software department has been put into production and put into operation a modern DVCAM assembly table.

2007 The first report of the retrospective festival "Karaganda - city of youth complaints" has become a tradition. The legal address of the territory of the Karaganda Region branch of "RTRK" Kazakhstan "has been granted.  

This year the program "30 Corporate Leaders of Kazakhstan" with the participation of akim of Karaganda region with the participation of legalization of real estate, President Nursultan Nazarbayev and Prime Minister K.Massimov.

2007      In Karaganda, the regional television festival "Didar" with the participation of Akmola, Kostanay, North Kazakhstan regions was held in honor of the 50th anniversary of the national channel "Kazakhstan". The judges of the festival highly appreciated Karaganda TV channel's achievements. Winner of the TV show "Television is my destiny" by S. Vasilyeva, "TV - Talent, Prize, Success". The 2nd place was taken by the editor of the section "People of the Golden Region" B.Ibrayeva "The Archives Future". Editor-in-chief Aizhan Qoush received the award from the Karaganda region's governor's office, "The Third Sector". Karaganda TV channel was the best at the exhibition dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the Kazakh TV.

Journalists G.Balbekova and A.Tojhigitov, TV viewers. Gabdullin, one of the first speakers of Karagandy TV channel G.Rakhimova was awarded the "Altyn Sundar" prize of the Karaganda region akim. Editor-in-chief of "State language - my language" B.Ibrayeva won the Grand Prix in the regional media competition on the propagation of our native language. In the republican teleconference "Shashu" the editor of M. Abalalieva "Innovation is the good of the country" was highly appreciated. The film crew of Karaganda TV channel visited Turkey, Mongolia, Ukraine, and Cuba. Performer of the folk songs, editor Yerlan Tuleutayev took part in the international music festival in Vilnius (Lithuania). Construction and renovation works were carried out in the TV channel building.

2008 Management of RTRC Kazakhstan announced this year as the year of veteran TV channels. Cycle TV programs "TV is my destiny" have been prepared for Karaganda TV channel veterans. Chief Engineer V.Amchayev, editor-in-chief G.Balbekova, senior teller M.Gabdullin and TV channel veteran G. Rakhimova were awarded the breastplate "Maidenet kairatkeri" by the Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Senior director R.Iskakova and teleoperator M. Suleimenov received the "Altyn belgi" award. Senior Sound Director G. Shilyaeva, video engineers V. Martyushin, S. Arhipov, and lightener A.Zenger were awarded the Certificate of Merit of the Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Nine employees were handed a special Letter of Appreciation from the Chairman of the Board of JSC RTRK Kazakhstan. Karagandy TV channel veteran M. Akhmetova, editor A.Tezekbayeva, and teleoperator M.Suleimenov became winners of the annual award "Altyn Sukkar" of the Karaganda region's akim.

The cameraman K. Aliyev paid a working visit to the Kingdom of Belgium at the invitation of the Committee for the Protection of Children's Rights under the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan and made a report on the life of Kazakh children. The TV channel "Kazakhstan-Karaganda" is working on more than 25 different genres in the Kazakh and Russian languages. More than 45 percent of 14-hour airtime per day is composed of own products. One hour a day, satellite information is distributed. Large pavilion lighting and ventilation devices have been upgraded. Chairman of the Board of JSC "RTRK Kazakhstan" D. Abdukhamitov handed over his office apartments to 6 employees of the channel for the jubilee.

In 2009, the "You and We" talk show (Editor-in-Chief M. Abdaliyeva) took the 3rd place in the republican telecast on the propaganda of the state language, organized by NDP "Nur Otan".

2010. Journalist Ali Toyzhigitov won the first Nur Sunkar prize in the nomination "Көзқарас" of the Republican Party "Nur Otan". The author's programs are comprehensive in the field of production accomplished by the party leadership.

2012 "RTRC" Kazakhstan "won the 3rd place in the nomination" Best Information-Analytical Programs "in the contest, organized by the editor-in-chief of the Karaganda regional branch Ashimkhan Zhampeisov," The Leader of the Nation and Leader ". In addition, the contest organized by JSC "RTRK Kazakhstan" for the Independence Day took the 1st place in the nomination "The man of work" in the contest "Gibrat" by Ali Toyzhigitov, the editor of "Kazakhstan-Karaganda" TV channel.

In 2012, the Adviser Adilbek Kumar won the 3rd place in the show "Country Interests" for the achievements of the Language Committee of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the implementation of the state language policy in honor of the Day of the People of Kazakhstan.

2013. The program "Sport, sport ..." by Botabek Tlegenov, TV channel editor in the nomination "The best TV show" on the promotion of mass sports of the Agency for Sports and Physical Culture of the Republic of Kazakhstan took the 1st place.

In 2013, the main channel of the region won the "Altyn Sundar" award in the nomination of the regional akim "Into the development of Karaganda journalism". Also, 1,000,000 Tenge was awarded.

More than 30 original messages of the TV channel "Kazakhstan-Karaganda" were broadcast on the Kazakh and Russian languages during the teleconference in 2014. More than 60% of the channel products broadcast 14 hours a day are programs prepared by the regional branch staff.

2017  Kazakhstan-Karaganda TV channel held rebranding. Starting from November 20, 2013, the new season, called "SARYARQA", has started a new season.

In 2018, employees in the field of Information and Communications of the Republic of Kazakhstan on June 26, the eve of the state policy in the field staff of the TV channel "Religion in the nomination" For the best coverage of the Governor's "Golden Falcon" was awarded the prize. On the same day the TV operator Murat Tukenov, editor of "News" Vitaly Nesipbaev was awarded the prize.

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